Odd Books #2: Are you Hungry Tonight?

areyouhungrytonightAt the risk of being disrespectful to ‘The King’…

If there was a guy who, according to his doctor, suffered from arthritis, gout, a fatty liver, an enlarged heart, migraines, constipation and a colon swollen to twice its normal size, would you seriously consider buying his recipe book? It might make me think twice.

Flicking through Elvis’s favourite recipes you can see why he might have had a health problem or two. There are a few questionable entries, like the Fried Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich, and Biscuits with something called Red Eye Gravy – essentially bacon dripping mixed with a cup of coffee.

But at least the Elvis fans are happy with the recipe book, judging by the reviews:
  • If Elvis thought it was good that’s all I need to know.”
  • “I love having it and used it on the altar honoring Elvis last year for my Day of the Dead party.”
  • “Ive tried several recipes and they are great, just like the King!

Are you hungry tonight? Errmmm… salad anyone?


  1. Hey Jo. I had the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich as a freebie at the Marriott hotel in Memphis once and I must say it was nice 👍🏻. But only as a one-off! A trip to Graceland was certainly preferable in the health stakes. A beautiful house trapped in the 1970s…very unusual indeed.


    1. Wow Graham! What a great experience! I’d love to see the King’s house (and secretly try one of those sandwiches too but don’t tell anyone). What an era that was. Were you in Tennessee for business or pleasure?


      1. Always pleasure. We went over in 2008 for the country music festival in Nashville and coupled it with a trip around Tennessee, Carolina and Georgia. Good trip.

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