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A Handful of Short Stories

The Saturday Girl and The Heavy-Breather

The jars of pickle were kept at the back of the cellar. Of course. They wouldn’t be conveniently positioned at the bottom of the stairs. That would be far too easy. I’d already heard the jokes about the ghost. The one nobody ever saw, but everyone had heard…

The Perfect Gift: Short Story

This story is dedicated to all those who breathed their last breath in ‘the war to end all wars’ – if only that were true – and to the memory of Harry Redman, my great-grandfather, who managed to live through it all. Unlike so many of his fellow soldiers.

The Quiet Fight and Flight of Florence Morgan

His moustache wriggled like a caterpillar when he laughed. Florence hated it. She hated the moustache, she hated the high waistband of his tweed trousers, the way George cleared his throat all the time – huh-hummm. The protruding mole by his ear, the smell of stale pipe tobacco, the way he kept his fingernails so…

Random Blog Posts

Satisfying Sentence: This Blue World

I could pick hundreds of satisfying sentences from Elbow songs, written by Guy Garvey. As NME magazine once said “Garvey is a poet, and one of the most creative and goddamn heartbreaking wordsmiths we have in the UK.” This is my all time favourite… 💙

When Your Muse is For Sale

In which the derelict farmhouse that sparked my historical fantasy, ‘Foxfires’, on a wintery walk many years ago suddenly appears online for sale, and I spend the day wishing it was mine, all mine!

A Clever Bird Thing

In which a clever bird does an odd thing, which leads to the author having a near-miss with a lorry and doing a bit of research.


The Curtain Twitcher’s Handbook

“Beautifully written; a stunning achievement. Jo Danilo is an incredible talent, with a sharp wit and a knack for grabbing a reader and not letting them go until the last word is read.” (Anna)

11:42 (Complete MS)

“The pace is great- the story moves along swiftly, gathering momentum and tension. There are truly scary as well as tender moments.” (Author and NZSA Assessor, Paddy Richardson)

The Blackwood Crusade Book

The Blackwood Crusade

“I was hooked from the first page and felt completely part of the characters in the story. Jo Danilo has a wonderful way of writing that captures the imagination and heart of her characters.” (Colin)

Foxfires (Complete MS)

“I’ve very very much enjoyed reading Foxfires and, in fact, found myself turning the pages very swiftly during parts of the novel-this is a wonderful story.” (Author and NZSA Assessor, Paddy Richardson)

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