Cover12Curtain Twitching is an art, as Daisy learns when her crotchety old neighbour dies and is replaced by the McKenzie family. Within a week her life is turned upside down by the boy next door, who claims that his house is trying to kill him.

The thing is, he could be right…

(YA Romance/Ghost Story – 90,000 words)

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The Story Behind the Book

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A Few Comments

Georgina Ghaly (16)

“I read this book in three chunks, over a period of two days! I was hooked to the story and literally could not put it down! It’s the perfect read for many teenage girls like myself what with it covering dilemas we can relate to and also including the interesting element of the ghost story that leaves you desperate to read on to find out what happens next.

I fell in love with Daisy the main character almost instantly and could relate to her throughout the book, I didn’t see the ending coming at all it took me by surprise and completely blew me away!

It was by far one the best books I’ve read in a while, for the reason that not only did it have a phenomal story but it took me on a journey with the characters as I felt I knew them so well and not many authors i know can portay this skill to take the reader on an journey and make them feel emotionally involved with the story but the author has done this flawlessly and the book has been lingering in my mind since.

It’s definitely up there in my top 10 best reads and I have already recommended it to two friends, and passed it on to one of them already :)”

Hilarie Stelfox – Huddersfield Examiner

“I have just finished The Curtain Twitchers and just had to tell you how much I enjoyed it.”

A reader – Authonomy.com

Very very clever, and well written and funny to boot. A brilliant read – all the teenage angst explored, lots of real teen problems and a chilling (literally) plot to hang them all on. What with a feisty heroine and a handsome pouty hero what more can one ask. Oh, and no facile happy happy ending but a way of addressing some grown up problems as well. A great read.