1142 COVER Mockup.jpg

When a girl waiting outside the nightclub on Baker Street asks Noah to help her get home, he reluctantly agrees. He has no idea that she, Baker Street, and this one dark night, will be his whole world for a very long time.

(YA Paranormal Romance – 75,000 words)

Read a passage from ’11:42′

The Story Behind ’11:42′

* This manuscript is represented by Vicki Marsdon at High Spot Literary Agency

Comments from Paddy Richardson, Best-Selling Author and NZSA Mentor

“The pace is great- the story moves along swiftly, gathering momentum and tension. There are truly scary as well as tender moments…I really think this is a novel young adults would both empathise with and find exciting and fascinating.”

“11:42 is a novel placed in a contemporary setting with a diverse range of characters and an intriguing plot. The principal strengths of the novel are the major characters, Rachel and Noah, who are convincingly portrayed, coupled with the increasing tension conveyed through the carefully structured plot. The title creates interest and, described as a paranormal romance, the novel combines genres skilfully, the supernatural juxtaposed alongside the more traditional conventions of the romantic novel providing additional quirkiness and ‘edge’. These contrasting stylistic devices blend and intertwine creating interest and suspense.”

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