• The Blackwood Crusade Book


Blackwood cover NEW

(Historical Fantasy written for everyone aged 10 – 100)

Christina opens the wooden chest of her dead stepmother to discover she has been saddled with the ongoing task of the ancient Ostergaard family: To rid the entire world of faeries.

The only problem is, as far as she knows, faeries do not exist.

“Beautifully written, a book that will stay with you forever.”

Available from Amazon (paperback and eBook)



(Paranormal Romance written for young women aged 14 and over)

Curtain Twitching is an art, as Daisy learns when her crotchety old neighbour dies and is replaced by the McKenzie family. Within a week her life is turned upside down by the boy next door, who claims that his house is trying to kill him.

The thing is, he’s right…

“In equal measure I wanted to slap the characters and hug them. Now how many writers can make you feel like that? Enjoy!”

Available from Amazon (paperback and eBook)


( Paranormal Romantic Thriller written for young adults aged 16 and over)

One boy.

One girl.

One road.

One night …

One endless nightmare.

“It has been a delight. You took me on a captivating and mysterious journey woven with hope, despair, betrayal and enduring love. Clever thing.” (Malcolm McMillan, Editor)

Winner of NZSA Manuscript Assessment and Mentorship


(Historical Fantasy for adults, young and old)

On a dark winter’s evening in 1943, a young pilot crashes on the desolate, snowbound moorland of Black Hill. Jack is rescued by a man who lives in an ancient, remote farmhouse set in the middle of deadly marshland. Trapped there with no way out, and injured in the crash, he meets the odd inhabitants of ‘Foxfires’ and is soon in fear for his life.

“This is a wonderful story. The tension, the mystery, the pace- all of these elements combine together so well to create a narrative which keeps the reader wondering and reading on.” (Paddy Richardson, NZSA Manuscript Assessor)

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