Sniff that Paper!

I love my Kindle. It’s so versatile, easy to use and light to carry around, packed full of books I can dip into anytime I want to. But, really, there is nothing quite like a paperback, is there?

I got the first paperback version of ‘The Curtain-Twitcher’s Handbook’ through last week, and it was such a beautiful thing. Immediately it had substance and weight. The cover was all velvety and smooth, and the shushing noise made when flicking the pages was music to the ears. And the sweet industrial smell of paper and ink… mmmm.

Kindles are good, but the paperback is Queen of books! Long may the paperback reign!




  1. I read the Curtain Twitcher’s Handbook on my Kindle and it was awesome. Am secretly eyeing up the paperback as a pressie for my sister. She won’t go near a Kindle! 😀

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