The First Few Days of Perkins

I’d forgotten what whirlwinds kittens are. We’ve had Perkins in the bathtub, Perkins in the sink, Perkins in the washing machine (that was a close call), Perkins tinkling the ivories on the piano… all often within the same half hour. And then Perkins just conks out suddenly and sleeps exactly where she’s landed for hours on end.

It’s been entertaining for us, and most definitely for Perkins, but I’m not sure about the furry members of the family. Here are Bella the cat and Neko the dog looking slightly horrified as Perkins decides to interrupt their afternoon nap – if Neko could speak to me he would be saying “what the hell have you done?”. And then Bella looking on as Perkins eats all her food. Again.

Alfie, our old cat, has pretty much thrown all his toys out of the pram and moved out! …


– – –

It’s now a couple of weeks later, and all four animals are in the same room, curled up, fast asleep. They’ve gradually become friends, and it’s been good for us all to have a little whirlwind taking over the house to shake things up a bit.

Welcome home, Perkins!


  1. Hi Jo. Hope you are well. Seems a while since I saw a post from your good self. I was just wondering something and thought you might be able to help…in terms of, I see you are registered as a Goodreads author…can I ask if this is something you select as part of the registration process and whether there is a fee involved etc etc? I’m also curious about whether you have to spend time managing this account in terms of content etc? Thanks in advance for any thoughts. Graham


    1. Hey Graham, nice to hear from you! Hope all’s going well. I’ve been a busy bunny with work and getting my next book ready to go. I still need to read yours but am just zonking out at bedtime! Yes you should do Goodreads. With Amazon imposing strict conditions it’s becoming the only way to get reviews. It’s free and you set it up on registration and set up your books. You can set your blog posts to feed in automatically so there’s no work to do, other than networking when you have time. Make sure you friend me too! 😀 Shout if you have any questions.


      1. Brilliant! Thanks, Jo…will do! Amazon is a bit of a closed shop really where access is concerned so I’ve been working on a paperback version of late which has been easier than expected so far (phew!)

        Good luck with the next book!

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      1. I was expecting comedian Sue Perkins from the British Bake Off so good work on originality!


      2. She does have her moments. I’ve always preferred Mel myself. I have enjoyed the new bake off show with Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding a bit more I think though.


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