New Cover: The Curtain Twitcher’s Handbook

With ‘The Blackwood Crusade’ due for its chance in the spotlight on Sunday, I thought it would be wise to pay some attention to my firstborn in case it begins to feel neglected!

According to a clever friend of mine (thanks Deb :-)) the firstborn needed some faces and more of a sense of peril. It was very difficult indeed to find the handsome, brooding Will, as he had to have that certain, special something, but then I stumbled upon his exact double. Daisy is upside down on the cover because that’s how her life ends up when she meets him. And the spooky woods are there too.

Hope you like it! And if you haven’t bought your copy yet, here are the Amazon links:

The Curtain Twitcher’s Handbook on


The Curtain Twitcher’s Handbook on



  1. Hi Jo. Can I ask you how you go about designing a cover so it has that “professional” look? I was looking at the cover creator on Amazon KDP yesterday and I was left a little underwhelmed by it, but then thought that I’d struggle to create something myself…


    1. Aah thanks Graham. Design is basically my day job. I use Illustrator and Photoshop, high resolution photos with no copyright issues and various design elements from my library. Then I sit there and play with stuff for hours! Let me know if you need some help. ☺


      1. Time well spent cos it looks great! 🙂 Thanks for the offer, I will have a ponder on that score…I might need to learn about paint shop pro first…😄


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