Begging Letter #1: A Spooked Horse

JOhn Anster Fitzgerald,_Fairies Attacking_a_Bat

by Dr Melchior Williams (Co-Author of ‘The Blackwood Crusade’)

In the 15th Century, Blackwood is plagued by faeries, as everyone who lives there knows. Everyone except the Lord of Blackwood, that is, who refuses to believe there is such a thing. Continue reading

The Surprising Story Behind ‘The Blackwood Crusade’


‘The Blackwood Crusade’ was born after a long discussion with a fascinating man on a train. The man was Dr. Melchior Williams, now a much-loved friend, and he had discovered an exciting collection of old 13th Century manuscripts which spoke of an all-out war against pesky supernatural elements bothering a tiny village in the middle of England.

Most of the records were petitions by the villagers to the Lord of the Manor speaking of events ‘wyked and evyll’, ranging from the bizarre to the seriously scary. There was also a lengthy report from someone called Christiana who was summoned by the lord to ‘soulve the mystry’ (crikey – they were such bad spellers in those days :-)) Continue reading

The Blackwood Crusade : OUT SOON-ISH!

What if the medieval folklore of old was based in truth? And what if just one girl was charged with the task of destroying it?

Adventure, swordfights, love, loss, faeries, battles… and magic. All in one book.

Blackwood Mockup Props2.png

Coming out in November in paperback and for Kindle. Suitable for ages 10 to 100.

To read more about Blackwood, head this way!

When characters have to get their own bloody way…

Blackwood sml.jpg

I was a third of the way through writing ‘Blackwood’ when this woman galloped into the book holding a bloody sword. I tried to ignore her but she kept waving her sword around until I was forced to write her in. Such was her nature that she immediately took over and asserted herself as a main character without even a polite ‘hello’. She went on to become the essence and meaning of the whole book, and completely altered the plot.

For the better, I should add. Thank you, Christina.

Above is the plot map before Christina the Crusader scribbled her name all over it!


‘Blackwood’ is due for release on November 5th  (Bread&Butter Publishing)

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