Choose Happiness

Your ‘4 Agreements’. Read them, take them on board, work at them, make them habitual. Good advice for life from Don Miguel Ruiz. (Thanks Graham)


Forty Two World

A long time ago…well about 15 years…a friend of mine whom I met while backpacking in Canada gave me a great gift…it was a book called “The Four Agreements”. This book has a great, yet simple, guide to help you be happy (however you define that of course)…because it clearly lays out that happiness can be a choice, and so can suffering.

It is by Don Miguel Ruiz and is a Toltec Wisdom book.

The four agreements (which you make with yourself and require work to make them habitual) are shown in the picture below. I have encountered a number of people during my life so far who have a tendency towards negativity – maybe through putting too much pressure on themselves at work or school, saying bad things about others, assuming something instead of finding out (it makes an ASS out of U and ME remember) or just feeling…

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