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Here you’ll find short stories, snippets of creative writing, books and articles by me, Jo Danilo. Perfect for when you’re waiting for the bus, for paint to dry, for a banana to ripen, for a fight with your nemesis, or an alien abduction.

If I get any spare time in between everything else that’s going on, I write. And this website is a result of many years of spare time. Some of the writing has grown up into whole books, and some seemed happy to stay small.

Bits from the blog

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My Books

  • The Blackwood Crusade Book

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Beautifully written; a stunning achievement. Jo is an incredible talent, with a sharp wit and a knack for grabbing a reader and not letting them go until the last word is read.” (Anna)

With a funny, feisty heroine and a handsome hero, this contemporary young adult story has action, humour and interesting characters, creating a spooky adventure mixed up with high school drama in a small Yorkshire town. An easy, chatty read with a chilling twist. READ MORE

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I was hooked from the first page and felt completely part of the characters in the story. Jo Danilo has a wonderful way of writing that captures the imagination and heart of her characters.” (Colin)

What if the medieval folklore of old was based in truth? And what if just one girl was charged with the task of destroying it? Adventure, swordfights, love, loss, faeries, battles and a large helping of magic. This is indeed the Fairytale to end them ALL. READ MORE


“The pace is great- the story moves along swiftly, gathering momentum and tension. There are truly scary as well as tender moments.” (Author and NZSA Assessor, Paddy Richardson)

One boy. One girl. One road, One night. One long nightmare. A thrilling contemporary timeslip novel set on a dark street, 11:42 drops the reader straight into an impossible situation and an intense love story. READ MORE

  • FOXFIRES (FINISHED MANUSCRIPT – currently in editing)

“I’ve very very much enjoyed reading Foxfires and, in fact, found myself turning the pages very swiftly during parts of the novel-this is a wonderful story.” (Author and NZSA Assessor, Paddy Richardson)

A crashed and disorientated World War II pilot arrives in the middle of a snowstorm at ‘Foxfires’- an ancient farmhouse perched high on the bleak Yorkshire moors – and is welcomed by the odd family who live there. He quickly realises that things are not quite right, and he is soon in fear for his life. The story blends myth and history through different time periods, resulting in a heart-stopping adventure filled with horror, mystery and romance.

  • APPLEHEART (Work in Progress)

When Beth starts her course at the old gothic-style Art College, she and her twin brother are separated for the first time in their lives. As she struggles to cope without him, the spooky events taking place around her seem to have strange parallels with the imaginary world they created as kids.

About Jo

I moved from the Far North of England to the Far North of New Zealand ten years ago, and have been many things in the past, including an Egyptologist, and a Zoo Keeper.

I have two musician sons who I’m very proud of indeed, one crazy hound, three cats, and a husband who looks a bit like a hamster – aaahhh 🙂 MORE HERE

I’m also here, here and here… come and say ‘Hello’:

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