You:   Hello

Me:   Hello

You:   Is that it? I was expecting a bit more.

Me:   Well… erm… what do you want to know?

You:   I want to know what you’re doing with this website of yours. And, who are you anyway?

Me:   Blimey, you ask a lot of questions.

You:   I only asked two.

Me:   Well, yes. But they’re tricky ones.

You:   How so?

Me:   Because I’m not entirely sure of the answers.

You:   I’m off, then. What’s the point?

Me:   Wait! The point is… The point is… This website is for you. And I’m just me. 

You:   I need more than that.

Me:  Okay. If you insist.

Once upon a time, there was a smaller me who decided to write a story on a really old typewriter with no ‘s’s. It went quite well and was very exciting – about a pop (s)tar in love with a pop (s)tar, and a terrible murder involving an old boyfriend and a cliff – but it was only one page long. And the smaller me thought ‘I can write a longer book than that, surely, and make it even more exciting.’ 

The next one was a Scottish one, as the smaller me was VERY MUCH into Scotland at the time (and still often is), even though Scotland begins with an ‘S’. The story was also set in Medieval times (another smaller me fixation), with lots of extravagant swashbuckling escapades, and amounted to at least fifty pages.

It wasn’t enough.

So the smaller me kept going and, gradually, over time, became the me now, with lots more stories happily scribbled over many, many pages.

You:   And the website?

Me:   Just for showing off, really. Look at me! I can write (s)tories of more than one page! 


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