Odd Writers #3: Demosthenes

Could the humble razor be a major secret weapon for writers? Demosthenes, the great Athenian Speech Writer and Orator, thought so. To keep himself holed up in his purpose-built underground chamber, working away like a demon, Demosthenes would often shave half the hair from his head. He would be so ashamed of how odd he looked that he wouldn’t leave the chamber until it grew … Continue reading Odd Writers #3: Demosthenes

Little Heartbeats at my Feet

Edith Wharton described her dog as ‘a little heartbeat at my feet’. The steady presence of animals is very comforting when you’re writing. Here are my own two little heartbeats. There is another one, but she is less helpful, falling fast asleep stretched over my chair so I can’t sit down and start work without feeling bad for disturbing her! Continue reading Little Heartbeats at my Feet