Satisfying Sentence: Man of War

Because some sentences need more attention…

Some song lyrics are just irresistible, and this one always jumps out at me as being so dramatically macabre. The gloriously unexpected combination of baking and the death of enemies is strangely quirky and satisfying.

Radiohead wrote ‘Man of War’ way back in 1995 in a homage to the James Bond films. While they performed it live a few times, they didn’t record it until 2017. Then it was actually rejected as a Bond theme because it wasn’t a brand new track, so couldn’t be entered for awards. Sad, because it is so good… have a listen below.

Not to be deterred the band asked for a second chance, and produced what some critics have labelled the perfect Bond theme, for the film ‘Spectre’. Here is the theme completely broken down. But in the end, their second Bond theme was thought to be ‘too melancholic’, and replaced by Sam Smith’s ‘Writing on the Wall’.

Third time lucky? 😀

When you come home,

I’ll bake you a cake.

…Made of all their eyes

Man of War | Radiohead

Photo Credit: Enfantnocta (Pexels)

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