Any Ideas What This Might Be…?

My friend sent me this mysterious photo, taken through the window into her garden – no photoshopping involved – and asked me what I thought it was. The first thing that sprung to mind was that it looked just like a Patronus straight out of Harry Potter.

She finally told me what it is, but I’ll give you a chance to guess before I reveal the answer in the comments later 😉

Below the poll is some thoughtful music to play while you’re thinking…


The First Published Novel in English?

I was recently wondering which book is classed as the First Novel of any kind in the English language? How easy is it to pinpoint such a milestone from so long ago? Turns out it depends on what you class as a novel, and there is a lot of argument about it…

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Satisfying Sentence: The North Water

‘The North Water’ is not a ‘nice’ book, and I can’t stress this enough. It is crammed with cruelty, violence and death. So when you come across a sentence like this one, it stands out – a beautiful sentence in the middle of all the horror.

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Photo Credit: Megan (Jo’s friend)


  1. Time for the answer! Thanks for all the votes and guesses, most of which for ‘something else’.

    The photo captures the imprint of a bird that flew into the dusty window!

    Luckily the bird was unharmed, despite the look on its squashed face 🙂


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