Any Ideas What This Might Be…?

My friend sent me this mysterious photo, taken through the window into her garden – no photoshopping involved – and asked me what I thought it was. The first thing that sprung to mind was that it looked just like a Patronus straight out of Harry Potter.

She finally told me what it is, but I’ll give you a chance to guess before I reveal the answer in the comments later 😉

Below the poll is some thoughtful music to play while you’re thinking…


Short Stories from around the world

Many thanks to Allan Hudson from the South Branch Scribbler, who chose my short ghost story ‘Saturday Girl and the Heavy Breather’ for his regular feature – ‘stories from around the world’ – in which he shares a new tale every two weeks.

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The best modern fairy tales to make you believe in magic again

I was invited to create a book list, and chose magical, modern fairy tales. If you read that kind of thing, check out my page, and see if you agree with my picks. What would you have chosen instead? I was impressed with the cover versions they picked for each of my choices – my own copies are quite plain in comparison!

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Satisfying Sentence: This Blue World

I could pick hundreds of satisfying sentences from Elbow songs, written by Guy Garvey. As NME magazine once said “Garvey is a poet, and one of the most creative and goddamn heartbreaking wordsmiths we have in the UK.” This is my all time favourite… 💙

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Photo Credit: Megan (Jo’s friend)


  1. Time for the answer! Thanks for all the votes and guesses, most of which for ‘something else’.

    The photo captures the imprint of a bird that flew into the dusty window!

    Luckily the bird was unharmed, despite the look on its squashed face 🙂


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