Welcome to the Family, Foxfires!

It was a relief to finally type ‘The End’ on my fourth book, FOXFIRES, and I think the characters felt it too. We’ve been working together on and off for twelve years now in extremely adverse conditions, and they’ve been very patient with me.

FOXFIRES is off to a good start, winning a Complete Manuscript Appraisal from NZSA, and appearing in the local paper today (see below). But what’s it all about?

Genre: Historical Fantasy Word Count: 70,000 words


On a dark winter’s evening in 1943, a young pilot crashes on the desolate, snowbound moorland of Black Hill. Jack is rescued by a man who lives in a strange, nearby farmhouse set in the middle of deadly marshland. Trapped there with no way out, and injured in the crash, he meets the odd inhabitants of ‘Foxfires’ and is soon in fear for his life.

Meanwhile Emily, who witnessed the crash from her village in the valley, enlists the help of her nemesis, Harry, to brave the snow and rescue any survivors. Harry knows all the tales about the moors and ‘Foxfires’, and brings to life the centuries-old legend behind the cursed farmhouse as they precariously make their way up to Black Hill.

But can they get there in time to save Jack?

With thanks to Sandy Myhre | Northern Advocate (29.07.2020)

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Photo Credit: Lucas Huffman (Unsplash)

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