Foxfires Wins A Prize!

Writing can be a very lonely thing to do sometimes, filled with a lot of self-doubt. You can write something one day and think you created something special, and then look at it the next day and cringe inside. So it’s wonderful when somebody reaches out and recognises what you’re trying to achieve…

I’m thrilled and grateful to the New Zealand Society of Authors for choosing my fourth book, Foxfires, as one of the lucky recipients of a Complete Manuscript Assessment for 2020. It is such a huge gift (and a slightly scary one) to have one of New Zealand’s leading authors dissecting what you’ve written and giving you their experienced advice.

FOXFIRES has been a slow burner of a story, and I’ve been tinkering with it on and off for about twelve years now. Going into lockdown gave me the perfect opportunity to actually finish it after all this time, and to rediscover what a beautiful thing free, undisturbed time can be.

I’ll be telling you a bit more about this book over the next few weeks… And starting on the next one!

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