Food, water AND stories

it has been said that, next to hunger and thirst, our most basic human need is for storytelling.

khalil gibran

One of the first things I did when we were told there was a possibility of lockdown was to buy more books, and I know there are many people who did the same thing. The idea of going into isolation without books doesn’t bear thinking about.

So a big thank you to all the writers and storytellers who allow us to live different lives in different places, and introduce us to characters who often feel like friends. If only for a short time, we can escape from this world and live in another.

Stay home, stay safe and take care of yourselves in this strange place the virus has created. May we come out of this experience more alive and thankful than before. May we realise that we mustn’t take our freedom, family and friends for granted again.

And may we read some darn good books in the meantime!

Happy reading,


Photo Credit: Nong Vang