Those Precious Good Reviews

Writers crave good reviews even more than they crave a big slab of chocolate cake or a really fantastic pen. They make everything worthwhile, even if you were only really writing for yourself. It’s so good to receive validation that you’re not wasting your time. Although no writing time is truly wasted if you love it, or even if you took the wrong path in your writing and stumbled too far along it. (See Writing and Cucumbers for more on that kind of thing!)

This is the first written review I ever received for my first book (well-second book really, but we’ll forget the first one), published in the local paper by lovely journalist Hilarie Stelfox. All thanks to my mum, who shouted about my book from the rooftops and remains my biggest champion. Thanks Mum! xxx

Photo Credit: Kinga Cichewizc (Pexels)


  1. I’m with you Jo! In some ways I feel like you have to be in the same boat to truly understand but having someone to champion that you have a talent (and I sure love your books that I’ve read) makes a huge difference. It’s great that we can support each other in some way too I think.

    I’m about to release my second book so I’m trying to work out how to promote it. Fun fun fun.

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      1. Imagine that…a pool of custard…mmmm.

        It’s the sequel. It’s called “Stoned”, picks up where “Baabaric” ended and is finally going to be out on 25th. Exciting news.

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      2. You’ve got to look after yourself…nobody else will generally. 🙂Glad to hear you’re doing interesting stuff. I’ve been doing a couple of conservation jobs over summer which has been great…but it’s quiet again now…


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