A Tatty Book is a Lovely Thing

I admit it, I’m a page-corner turner-overer*. I know this crime is almost equivalent to murder in the eyes of dedicated bookmark users, but I have my reasons.

Books are such tactile things; they feel good in your hands and all those wonderful words you are holding up have a pleasing weight. I like my books to feel like they are being read. The books I read over and over again know they are loved because the edges of their pages don’t lie flat, and the spines are flexible and crooked with affection. There might be the ring of a tea-mug stain on the cover. Or a red circle from a wine glass. The crevices might be crackly with sand where I’ve read on the beach, or the pages warped with water where I’ve read in the bath.

My favourite books have a physical personality all of their own and bear the scars of my love. (The one shown above is my copy of ‘Northern Lights’ by Phillip Pullman.)

Which was why I felt truly happy to find a dog-eared copy of one of my own books in my boys’ school library this week in between Parents’ Evening appointments. Despite being on the New Books shelf, it was tatty, grubby and frayed like a favourite teddy bear, and it made me smile. I don’t know if it has been well-loved, but it’s certainly been well-read.

school library

* A technical term!

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  1. I’m pretty neat with my books but my favourite is Carl Sagan’s Contact and half of the pages are loose!!! Keep thinking to buy a new one but I’m kinda attached to it.

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