An Excitement of Odd Books

FUN FACT : Not many people know that a collection of odd books is known as an ‘excitement’.

Here is today’s ‘excitement’. Stick any one of these on your bookshelf and you’ll never be without a conversation starter when guests come calling.


tea cosies

Though Tea is a Very Important Thing Indeed, I had no idea that tea cosies had actually changed the world, so this could be a real eye-opener. Was it really Helen of Troy’s fancy tea cosy that launched a thousand ships? Did Hitler decide to invade Poland because he thought they had better tea cosies? Maybe this odd book holds all the answers.

One reviewer, who gives the book 5 stars, declares:

“This book rocked my teapot!”


Be Bold

Amazon usually has a lot to say, but it’s strangely quiet on the subject of this book. And quite rightly so. A quick hunt around the internet reveals horrified reviewers who are still traumatised after reading ‘Be Bold with Bananas’.

One reviewer classifies it under ‘Things That Will Make You Claw at Your Own Eyes’.  And “There are photographs in this book that will have you questioning the existence of God. There are pictures in this book that will make you burst into tears. Reading this book may put you off eating forever.”

Read more, and see some of the nightmarish recipe photos here!


50 sad chairs

Chairs can be sad? Who knew?

Bill Keaggy has documented the sad chairs in his neighbourhood, relating his collection to the culture of human consumption. The blurb says: ‘Have a look. And you’ll soon notice: sad chairs are everywhere.’

I can now hear you saying ‘What does a sad chair look like, Jo?’

Well, a bit like this…

TIME OUT: The first entry in ’50 Sad Chairs by Bill Keaggy

That’s one sad chair 😦

If you feel the need to watch the associated video, and can bring yourself to witness the misery of more sad chairs, go here…

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