‘11.42’ by Jo Danilo – a taste from the new book

Many thanks to Mike at WriteUpNorth for this 11:42 feature!

Write Up North


by Jo Danilo

Coming December 2018
One boy, one girl, one road, one long night, one long nightmare…
When a girl waiting outside the nightclub on Baker Street asks Noah to help her get home, he reluctantly agrees. He has no idea that she, Baker Street, and this one dark night, will be his whole world for a very long time. 
Category: Paranormal Romance
Jo profile
Jo is author of ‘The Blackwood Crusade’, ‘The Curtain Twitcher’s Handbook’ and ‘11:42‘. 
Jo writes stories for children, young adults and older young adults. Though she is essentially a Yorkshire lass, she now lives in the Far North of New Zealand – decidedly more tropical than the north of England – with her husband, two sons and several furry creatures. She likes nothing better than a whole, uninterrupted day of writing, which she generally gets on her birthday. Hurray for birthdays!

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