The Stuff of Nightmares!

What’s the first nightmare you ever remember having? The first time you woke in a cold sweat, pulling your covers up to your nose and staring around your dark bedroom, completely terrified? This was mine…

The Mr. Tickle nightmare came out of nowhere when I was about four years old, but looking back at the text, it’s hardly surprising. And now I’m quite sure I’m not the only one who had this particular nightmare.

SPOILER ALERT: This is how Mr. Tickle ends…

‘So, if you are in any way ticklish, beware of Mr Tickle and those extraordinary long arms of his.

Just think. Perhaps he’s somewhere about at this very moment while you’re reading this book.
Perhaps that extraordinary long arm of his is already creeping up to the door of this room.
Perhaps it’s opening the door now and coming into the room.
Perhaps, before you know what is happening, you will be well and truly … tickled!’
– – –
I think it was also because of this nightmare that I decided NEVER to be, in any way, a ticklish sort of person.

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