Sequel Cliches: A Character Chat

Sequel to The Curtain Twitcher's Handbook

Daisy and Will had a hard time in ‘The Curtain Twitcher’s Handbook’, they really did. What with restless ghosts and an age-old murder-mystery, uncomfortable high-school shenanigans and a terrible family tragedy, they didn’t get much of a break.

So to call them back and make them go through even more seems so, so cruel! In two minds as to whether or not to inflict another helping of torture, I thought it would be good if they talked it over first. And so they did…   (Contains Spoilers!)

DAISY: “We have to fall out.”

WILL:   “What?”

DAISY:  “It’s our second book together. We have to fall out in this one.”

WILL:   “Why?”

DAISY:  “That’s always the way it goes. In the first one we got together, against all odds…”

WILL:   “You hated me. You blamed me for killing your dog.”

DAISY:  “I know. But then I didn’t hate you. And you saved my life, then I saved yours. And everything ended okay.”

WILL:   “My parents burned to death in a terrible house fire.”

DAISY:  “Yes. That wasn’t okay. I’m sorry. I meant to say everything ended okay between us.”

WILL:   “I’ll let you off then.”

DAISY:  “We’re not going to get far with that attitude.”

WILL:   “Huh?”

DAISY:  “You let me off too easily. We don’t argue enough. How are we supposed to fall out?”

WILL:   “Maybe we shouldn’t be in another book. I don’t want to fall out with you. You might stop sleeping with me.”

DAISY:  “I will stop sleeping with you. It’s inevitable. In the second book there’ll be a whole bit where we probably won’t speak at all. People get bored of love, love, love.”

WILL:   “That’s crazy. I’m not being in another book then.”

DAISY:  “Not even if it’s a really good one?”

WILL (after a long pause): “Tempt me.



Photo Credit: Uros Jovicic(Unsplash)

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