Can a Witch REALLY Turn You into a Toad?

All About Witches from The Blackwood Crusade

Witches don’t exist. Not the ones who fly around on broomsticks cackling at the moon and turning people into frogs. That was all made up by some nasty men to get rid of little old ladies who knew a lot about plants and healing, but not much about the Lord. Of course, that’s a very broad sweep over the subject because I can’t go into it now.

Healers (alright, they aren’t all little old ladies) do exist and always have. They are not prone to warts, do not necessarily own a black cat, and use nature to make people better again. Some healers like to be called white witches because they use a bit of magic in their healing. But I know for a fact nobody has ever been turned into a frog by one [1].

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[1] In 1331, a gentleman by the name of Mr Warren from Lesser Crocklington did claim that he had been temporarily changed into a toad by a Mrs Brock of the same village, but it turned out to be a mix of too much ale and a cruel trick played on him by his own daughter. Still it took a year-long investigation by the traveling courts to discover this, and by the time the truth was discovered the original claim had already spread around the county. Mr Warren’s daughter was put in the stocks, and Mrs Brock duly apologised to. As Mrs Brock had, by then, been hounded out of the village as a witch and forced to earn her keep by begging in the streets, the apology came a little late.

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