What was your Oddest Job?

I want to hear about it… the odder the better!

I’ll start you off…

Most odd jobs are summer holiday jobs. Students with a chocolate addiction, like me, had to make enough money to feed their habit with Cadbury’s Buttons, Mars Bars and Double-Deckers. They are generally not fussy about what they do because it’s only for six weeks, after all.

Funnily enough, I often get a bit nostalgic about my summer jobs simply because a few of them were so very odd, and odd things don’t happen quite as much any more.

Here are a couple of my oddest jobs:

One of my favourites was the Sock Factory. Four weeks of turning socks inside-out by hand, and two weeks turning socks inside-out on a sucking machine (I got promoted!). For a dedicated daydreamer, this was like GETTING PAID TO DAYDREAM! I got so much done in my head that summer holiday.

My ultimate favourite was looking after Squirrel Monkeys at the Safari Park. They were utterly adorable, even if they were also incorrigible pickpockets who wee-ed on their hands and feet to mark their territory. So for an animal lover, this was like GETTING PAID TO CUDDLE CUTE CREATURES! Even now, I miss their cheeky faces.

But, having a look at the Top 25 Weird Jobs, including ‘Professional Apologiser’ and ‘Duck Master’, I don’t think mine would rank at all.

Would yours?

Now where did I put that Mars Bar? 🙂


Photo by Gabriel González on Unsplash


  1. Not sure I’ve ever had an odd job…I did Betterware for a bit (remember that door to door catalogue?)…I am friends with a guy who actually packed fudge for a summer job…I will let you decipher the warped humour in that…but it is true.

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      1. I seem to think I got a staff discount…but when you still live with your Mum it isn’t much use really (to me anyhow). I did ok out of it. Brought me out of my shell too.

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      2. Very true. I was saying just the other day how I learn how much I dislike having visitors for more than a few days because I find I can’t relax…never had that until we moved overseas. 😄


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