A Little Under-dressed

You will not be served wearing pyjamas

No pyjamas

Spotted this interesting note in a cafe in nearby Kaitaia, New Zealand.

The incidence of people coming into the cafe in their PJs must have been fairly high to warrant a sign on the front door 😀


  1. In Japan, casual summer wear for men looks very like pjs to westerner. Very practical in high temperatures (30++) and decent, once you get used to it.

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  2. New Zealand…a land where people can’t be bothered to get dressed or where shoes before going out in public. I wouldn’t serve them either. Lazy sods. But I do like the kimono idea…

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      1. Our gentle British feet need a lot of looking after to preserve those soft bases. 😂 Fair point on dressing how you like though…it is nice to think that you might be talking to a total scruff who is a millionaire.

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