Four hours of Spooky Intrigue OR Two Mars Bars?

Curtain Twitchers COUNTDOWN.jpg

Yes, for just FIVE days, and for the price of just TWO Mars Bars, you can have 3 – 6 entertaining hours of mystery, ghosts, high school romance and haunted houses…

Join Daisy May as she learns the unspoken rules of curtain-twitching, the value of friendship, the importance of trusting your heart, and solves a spooky mystery along the way.

“This novel combines lively action, humour, vivid descriptions and characterisation in an expertly woven creepy supernatural adventure alternated with prosaic high school life in a small Yorkshire town.”

“Very very clever, and well written and funny to boot. A brilliant read – all the teenage angst explored, lots of real teen problems and a chilling (literally) plot to hang them all on. What with a feisty heroine and a handsome pouty hero what more can one ask. Oh, and no facile happy happy ending but a way of addressing some grown up problems as well. A great read.”

(Recommended for age 13+ due to coming of age issues)

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