The Long Lost Secret to Good Fairy Cake

Meanwhile, Silas was lobbing half of the faerie cake into the river.

“SNAPDRAGONS!” he shouted.

Tapping his foot on the lush grass of the riverbank, he waited for a response. The river was very deep and fast and he did not relish the idea of swimming across it. The very idea struck fear into him when he thought of his father’s hand disappearing into the raging grey water as it had carried him away once upon a time. Still, he was prepared to do it if…

“’Ere I am. Don’t be going getting your tunic in a twist,” came a familiar voice, gurgling up from the depths.

The very wet river god, Mr. Trout, appeared, this time sporting a flapping fish on top of his silvery head. He shook it off impatiently and held out the sodden lump of cake to show Silas.

“Doesn’t look like much, but I’ll let you cross anyway, being as I’ve seen yer before.”

The bridge emerged beneath him, green and slippery with riverweed. Mr. Trout munched on the cake as Silas climbed on.

“Hello again, sir,” he said, politely, still wary of the giant.

“Awright, Silas. Got any gossip for an old river god?”

Silas crossed behind him, holding tight to the side of the bridge. He didn’t have time to get embroiled in a long conversation.

“Not much, Mister Trout. Just trying to stop the whole world from falling apart.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Mr. Trout, peering down at the crumbs in his hand. “Mmmm, this cake’s nicer than I thought. You got any more?” [1]

[1] The term ‘fairy cake’ comes from the times of the faeries. They were renowned for making a cake that, once tasted, would forever be craved it was so good. Since the faeries died out people have been trying to recreate the ‘fairy cake’, but have never been truly successful, and never will.

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Cover Image: ‘Take the Fair Face of Woman’ by Sophie Anderson (Creative Commons)

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