Alternative Fact #1 from ‘Blackwood’

Alternative Fact 1

Christina realised her chances of getting away unscathed were hideously low without some kind of brilliant intervention, but her mind was so busy being terrified it couldn’t think of anything brilliant. So, instead, she settled for the oldest trick in the book which, at that point of time, was not very old at all.[1]

She fixed her gaze beyond the creatures, feigned horror, and gasped as loudly and dramatically as she could: “What is that?!”

[1] Bad King John was the first to experience the ‘Look Behind You’ diversionary tactic. It was thought to have been invented by his jester, Guy Garderobe. However, it was to be the last thing Guy Garderobe ever invented because King John did not appreciate it very much. While Guy rotted away in a dingy dungeon, his diversionary tactic became popular throughout the land, and still is today.

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From ‘The Blackwood Crusade’ – A Fairytale to End Them All – OUT NOW and chock-full of Alternative Facts

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The Blackwood Crusade on


The Blackwood Crusade on


Cover Image: ‘Stanczyk’ by Jan Matejko

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