The Pit

I came across this beautiful drawing by Cambodian artist Visothkakvei today – such a clever paper, ink & digital artist – and it reminded me so much of Daisy’s pit in ‘The Curtain-Twitcher’s Handbook’


“What’ve you done?”

The whisper came again, and the sobbing started. I ascended a steep slope and found myself standing on the narrow lip of the mineshaft. The wide, circular bowl opened up before me, the steep, grassy sides spiralling down into the blackest of black holes. Bottomless, Will had called it. He had been wary of it, even in the sunshine. Now, below a stormy sky that was beginning to tip rain out, the sides were in shadow and it looked like a yawning mouth. And it was the mouth that was crying. I froze, swaying on the precipice, mesmerised. And then I remembered where I’d heard the whisper before, and the hair on my arms stood on end.

Taken from ‘The Curtain Twitcher’s Handbook’ now available for Kindle:



See this article on My Modern Met for more amazing work by Visothkakvei.

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