A bit of fun with the Dark Lord!

This one was a homemade job created for a reluctant reader who was also a massive Star Wars fan! It caused another problem – he was no longer reluctant, but couldn’t read for laughing 🙂

DarthVader coverp1




6 thoughts on “A bit of fun with the Dark Lord!

  1. Did you make this yourself? I love it! I love Star Wars (of course), I find myself wondering if you’ll be composing a book of Yoda’s wisdom next! 🙂 Write it you must, read it I shall.


    1. Yes I did! This was back in the days when I had time. Or, in Yoda’s words ‘when time, I had’! And no, I’ll leave the wisdom of Yoda to you. I could never figure him out – if he was so wise why could he not use a simple sentence structure like everyone else? 🙂


      1. Ah, Yoda. I watched the original trilogy again recently and every time I see Yoda it astonishes me how wonderful it is in terms of puppetry…so much better than almost anything they have done with CGI since then…with the possible exception of Gollum (in my opinion anyway). Help you I can, mmmm, yes. 😊

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      2. I’m sorry to have to have been the one to have broken that to you…but on the plus side, rest assured that Santa and the Easter Bunny are still going strong. 🙂 AND Yoda’s wisdom will live on…mmm…yes…live on it will.

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