Choose Happiness

Your ‘4 Agreements’. Read them, take them on board, work at them, make them habitual. Good advice for life from Don Miguel Ruiz. (Thanks Graham)


Forty Two World

A long time ago…well about 15 years…a friend of mine whom I met while backpacking in Canada gave me a great gift…it was a book called “The Four Agreements”. This book has a great, yet simple, guide to help you be happy (however you define that of course)…because it clearly lays out that happiness can be a choice, and so can suffering.

It is by Don Miguel Ruiz and is a Toltec Wisdom book.

The four agreements (which you make with yourself and require work to make them habitual) are shown in the picture below. I have encountered a number of people during my life so far who have a tendency towards negativity – maybe through putting too much pressure on themselves at work or school, saying bad things about others, assuming something instead of finding out (it makes an ASS out of U and ME remember) or just feeling…

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4 thoughts on “Choose Happiness

      • It happens to us all sometimes I guess. It isn’t always easy to see it when it is yourself though. I often get reminded when I get annoyed in the car at someone else not to take it personally. 🙂

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      • It’s a constant fight not to go into the spiral. Negativity breeds negativity, so good to have reminders like this when you’re ranting at something. Probably best to pin them up somewhere visible! Car visor?!

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