Odd Writers #2. Victor Hugo


Charged with just a few scant months to write ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’, Monsieur Hugo apparently prepared by buying himself a large grey shawl, reaching to his feet. He then locked away all of his other clothes so that he was not tempted to leave his house.

Dressed for six months clad only in a grey shawl, he met his deadline.

Myth or Fact? More here.

Image from Wikipedia Commons


  1. Now we know how to apply focus to anything! Get undressed! Not sure they’d appreciate it if your focus was doing the weekly shop down at a Pak n Save mind you…


    1. I think being naked would completely put me off writing – if nothing else, it spur me into doing more exercise though! Remind me where you live, Graham, so that I don’t end up bumping into you experimenting with this theory in Pak n Save! 🙂


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