Little Heartbeats at my Feet

Edith Wharton described her dog as ‘a little heartbeat at my feet’. The steady presence of animals is very comforting when you’re writing. Here are my own two little heartbeats.


There is another one, but she is less helpful, falling fast asleep stretched over my chair so I can’t sit down and start work without feeling bad for disturbing her!


  1. All our animals are preloved, so they arrived with their names. We have Neko the dog (which apparently means cat in Japanese, but he’s nowhere near as brave as a cat). Alfie is our ultra-affectionate silver tabby, also known as ‘Fatalfie’ for his big tum. You only have to look at him to set his purr off. Then there’s Bella, a great fluffy grey thing who has chooses a different place to lie every month, and then won’t move except for biscuits and the odd mad dash up a tree trunk and back.

    It took a while, but they are all friends now. Though Neko would dearly love to be more friendly with the cats than they allow him to be!

    Have you got any little heartbeats, Graham?


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