Translated from the 15th Century Blackwood Archives, on file in the British Museum, London :

Appeals submitted to the skeptical Lord of Blackwood by his subjects bearing references to faerie activity in the area.


Petition presented to Thomas the Castellan by Bridie Broadback:

Old Mrs Broadback claims her son (dismissed former Soldier Broadback) has become obsessed with catching the faeries of the Black Wood at their malicious business. He spends all day in the woods and does not help her in the fields. All the tax money is being spent on daily tolls.

(The Lord of Blackwood was informed of this petition and sent Soldier Broadback to join the garrison at Winterborough Castle with the requirement that he repay his mother from his wages.)


2 thoughts on “BLACKWOOD PETITION No.4

  1. Excellent. You have to laugh at history sometimes…but then I suppose just because we have so much technology doesn’t necessarily mean we are much more enlightened when you witness the worldwide unrest at the moment!


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